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Products I Like

Disclaimer: None of this is medical advice.  These are items that I have used myself and have found helpful for my own health.  I truly believe in these products, or I would not list them here.  I do earn a small commission on these products if you choose to order them through my website.  Check back often for new additions. 

HeartMath InnerBalance - The Inner Balance(TM) Sensor for iOS is an innovative approach to improving wellness. Inner Balance Lightning sensor is compatible with iPhone 6 Plus and newer devices. There is also an Inner Balance sensor designed for Android.  

HeartMath offers science-based technologies and programs for taking charge of your life These products are based on a significant body of research and empirical evidence developed over the last 28 years.

The products and programs developed by HeartMath are proven to help individuals reduce stress and anxiety by increasing their inner balance and self-security.

While research is at the foundation it is the application in day-to-day practice that is the most significant form of validation. HeartMath has come to be used and recommended by many tens of thousands of doctor-and masters-level health professionals around the world over the past twenty years in a wide variety of physical and mental health modalities.

Through our innovative technology individuals learn practical, scientifically validated methods that enable them to live more rewarding, healthy and productive life.

Our award winning emWave® Pro and emWave2 and the Inner Balance™ Trainer technology products offer a drug-free solution to stress, anxiety, sleep issues, depression, and more.

EliteHRV and Corsense - This is an accurate finger measurement of HRV (heart rate variability) the is comparable to the chest strap measurements.  Great way to monitor day to day stressors, as well as preparing for exercise training to avoid injuries.  


Swannies Glasses - Made by Swanwick sleep, these are cool-looking blue-light blocking glasses.  They help your sleep at night when you wear them after sundown to block the blue light from your phone, computer, or tablets.  They can also be quite helpful after any kind of brain injury, when you still have to work on your computer, but the light input is contributing to headaches.  I have used these for years now and have found my own headaches and eye twitching to be improved greatly and my sleep doesn't get as disrupted at night.  


TrueDark Products - This company also makes blue-light blocking glasses, but in a variety of colors.  The DayWalkers are best for working during the day on your computer, or under overhead fluorescent lighting and the Twilights are for wearing right before bed to truly calm down your brain.  They also make travel stickers to help cover some of those really annoying lights in hotels that you don't notice until you turn the lights off for the night.  Their newest product is the TrueLight red light box.  I find this product to be an affordable way to start using red light therapy for helping the mitochondria.  

Dr. Cowan's Garden - These are wonderful, low heat dried veggie powders that retain their nutrients.  Do you struggle getting in all the veggies you are supposed to eat every day?  Me too.  I sprinkle these powders into scrambled eggs, soups, sprinkle the leek powder onto French fries, and have even used the pumpkin powder in my coffee for a truly pumpkin spiced latte!  There are many ways to incorporate these powders into your life to up your veggie amounts.  

Pure Indian Foods - This is a family owned producer of wonderful organic ghee.  I've used their products for years now.  They continue to add new Indian style products to their line-up that are winning national awards.  Check them out!


Vital Proteins Products - for all things collagen!  And gelatin.  This company makes a multitude of delicious products to help you get your daily dose of collagen in.  Collagen is a building block for hair, skin, and nails.  They have beauty waters, collagen creamers, matcha tea collagen powder and more!  Check out the variety today!  

040318 Vital Proteins4426.jpg

Primal Kitchen - Here you will find kitchen staples to help you live your primal/paleo lifestyle.  Everything from no sugar ketchup, healthy salad dressings, and mayonnaise, to more flavored protein powders and snack bars.  Looking for Whole30 and Keto options, then look no further!  Rather than make your own salad dressings and mayonnaise, these products can make your life easier!  

Fullscript Dispensary - This is my online supplement dispensary where you have access to high quality supplements at a discount.  If you are one of my members, you get an even bigger discount!  Let me know if you would like me to set you up for this today!

EASE Topical Magnesium Spray- I have tried all brands of magnesium sprays and have developed a few favorites.  This is one of them.  This is more of a water based spray, less oily, and seems to soak into the skin faster.  They even have a handy travel size that is perfect for your purse or gym bag, which makes it quite handy.  I like using it for muscle spasms or strains, and for tension headaches.  


Ancient Minerals Magnesium - This was one of the very first topical magnesium sprays on the market.  They have been around for years now, and even have the option of lower doses in their lotions, so there is less skin irritation.  The magnesium chloride flakes are great for bath soaks.  

Pruvit - Keto-OS - Interested in trying Ketones?  Wondering why you would use ketones?  This link will explain and answer a lot of your questions, and then allow you to order a trial pack.  If you have more questions, I highly recommend you schedule an appointment with me to see if ketones are right for you.

Doterra Essential Oils - There are many essential oil companies on the market these days, and there are a few good ones out there.  I have chosen to use Doterra, and I like how they give back to the communities they source their product from.  I especially like their Deep Blue products for topical use that can sometimes be helpful for muscle pain, and Past Tense can sometimes be helpful for head pain.  I have found that combining magnesium topical sprays and Deep Blue has been helpful for my own muscle pain. For more information on Doterra: and for more information about Deep Blue:

NES Health - Creator of Bioenergetic Infoceuticals.  The NES Health bioenergetic system helps you restore your energy and health.  Get to the root of health concerns with bioenergetics, assessing and correcting the body's control system.  Medicine and nutrition are largely based on the body's chemistry. But chemistry itself is based in physics -- the flow of energy and information of the body. This is what bioenergetics addresses, which is how it gets to the root of health concerns.  The BioEnergetiX WellNES System includes a bioenergetic scan for wellness assessments, plus a handheld bioelectric technology and liquid remedies for supporting a rapid return to better health. The system allows medical and alternative health practitioners to get better health outcomes with our proprietary 3-step process: Detect - Our system measures hundreds of wellness points in just seconds with remarkable accuracy. Instantly know where the body needs support. Correct - Our proprietary liquid remedies, NES Infoceuticals, correct information in the body's control system, supporting its self-restoring abilities.  Restore - NES miHealth combines SCENAR (with biofeedback), PEMF, and global scaling with proprietary bio-signals to support the body's energy flow.

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