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About Dr. Busby

My Story


Hello, my name is Kelly Busby (like a Buzzing Bee!) DO, and I have been an osteopathic physician for 20 years.  I went into osteopathic medicine because I love anatomy and learning how the body works.  But once I got into medical school and truly learned how to use my hands in my osteopathic manipulation classes, my love for anatomy grew.  I was finally able to truly examine a patient and through my hands on training, really figure out what was going on inside their bodies, and then help them to correct it.  I became Board Certified in Osteopathic Family Medicine in 2007 and then I went on in osteopathic manipulative medicine training, becoming Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine in 2008.  I have also had a long-standing interest in nutrition, starting in my college biochemistry class.  I have studied many different healing diets, attended many nutritional conferences and am a Certified Primal Blueprint Health Coach.  I am also studying Bioindividual Nutrition.  All of this has led me to nutrigenomics (study of how nutrition effects our genes) and food as medicine.  My functional medicine training was through the Institute of Functional Medicine.  I am a Certified Functional Medicine Physician.  I have studied Practical Homeopathy with Joette Calabrese, and am officially a PHom now (Practical Homeopath).  I am also now a Certified NES practitioner. I love integrating the Bioenergetics of NES health into my practice, as it really expands my osteopathic ability to treat the patient even when they are not at my office.  Bringing medicine, nutrition, lifestyle, and body electric all together.  This all leads back to my osteopathic approach to the whole patient - mind, body, and spirit.  

I live in Cortez, CO with my wonderful husband and my two loving children.  We enjoy the sunshine and mountains of Southwestern Colorado, and we are proud to call this community home.  We enjoy gardening in the summers, and the wonderful real food resources we have surrounding us.  

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